Fernando Germani from Saint Ignazio, Rome (part 2)

Now it’s time for the second release with Fernando Germani at the organ in Saint Ignazio in Rome. These recordings are interesting in many ways. First of all they again show Germani as one of the greatest organists. His beautifully formed musical lines coupled with a fine sense of touch and a great technical ability is a general thread in all his performances. I recommend listening to all of the recordings, but especially the Schumann, his own arrangement of the Frescobaldi Toccata, and Liszt's BACH are simply amazing.

Concerning the arrangement of the Frescobaldi Toccata, the sheet music can be found at The Petrucci Library (http://imslp.org/wiki/Special:ImagefromIndex/10811).

Collecting information about these old recordings is often very difficult, since the documentation on the records themselves are often very limited. Michael Gartz and I weren’t able to find the composer for the “In dulci jubilo” and I couldn't find any information on track 8 whatsoever. So if you have any information, please help me with these two recordings.

Again great thanks to Michael Gartz for providing these recordings and to Claus Byrith for editing and cleaning.
(UPDATE: Thanks to Kristian Krogsøe and "dan" for helping me with the missing composers)

Download detailed playlist

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  1. I'm quite sure that the In dulci jubilo ist by Johann Michael Bach...
    Great site, Lars! I'm enjoying all the fantastic music.
    Kind regards, Kristian.

  2. I believe Track 8 is the Capriccio Pastorale by Frescobaldi. It's great to hear all these rare recordings for the first time!


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